Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, grief, trauma? Are you facing big life transitions, relationship difficulties, challenges at school and work? We will work together to heal the emotional pain you may have been carrying for years. I will teach you strategies to “clear the static” so you can think more clearly and regulate your emotions.

What can I expect from therapy?

The stress and toxicity of our modern life has created epidemic levels of anxiety and depression. It has disconnected us from our true selves, from others, and from meaning in our lives. It can also create or increase the impact of trauma.

Our relationships, our work, and our quality of life can suffer. Therapy can help with all of this.

I take an eclectic, holistic approach. It is collaborative and heart-centered. We will focus on your unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and goals.

It is my honor to listen deeply to you. I will help you understand how your experiences have shaped you so far, and how to move forward from here. Studies show that the key to successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship. It’s not any one tool or approach, but you will also get plenty of effective tools to make the changes you desire.

Together we will envision the life you long to have. I will help you learn the skills you need to live that joyful, purposeful life.

I use traditional, psychodynamic “talk therapy.” I also use some cognitive-behavioral tools. I use methods like EFT/tapping, breath work, mindfulness, and meditation.

Our work will help you learn to manage your stress. It will also help you clear the obstacles to deep connection. This includes connection to your true self, to your life’s purpose, and to others.

Please complete the form or give me a call to talk about how we might work together.